Freitag, 16. August 2013

Pauls Task - Musketeers Corrections

 Again the Officers were all pretty good.

I just mention things that would need to change from the current ranker masters.
You decide if it makes sense to reuse parts or to restart all together.
I need a total of 6 different masters that are like the other figs plus below feedback.
(preferably not the one that makes the huge step!).

-  Cantina should go to the Knap-sack.
-  We need a bread bag (right shoulder to left hip)

-  Coat needs to be loosely folded instead of rolled up.
-  there was no 'march-attack' with the Saxon army! 
   Below Austrians work as a perfect example:
- The Pompom was indeed an oval thing of awe.
- Pointy cuffs (only for rankers, not the officers)

I somehow knew that this would be a bit painful, but I think we're pretty much there.

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