Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Bobs Task - Horse harnesses

Required is suitable harnessing for:


1x 2 horse train set

1x 6 horse artillery set



Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Pauls Task - British medical services

3 miniatures total.

1 Regimental Surgeon with apron ready to butcher those unlucky enough to make it back to his cart. Saw in the hand. Should have the peek-less cap. Obscene side-burns. Glasses. 

1 Apothecary with tool-bag that he wears on a sling over his shoulder  and that he holds with his left hand. Sword in his right hand. Forage cap like the dude on the right of the below image. Side burns.

3.British Train driver in 1815.

Standing just like in the picture.

Pauls Task - 1st Saxon Artillery - total of 6 miniatures

Please note 
This is an initial set that we want to use to generate more gunners with different head-gear and uniform bits from at a later stage.

Four gunners - serving the gun: 
All like in image 1.) 2nd from the right.
- covered shakoes round pompom
- gaiters
- stripe on the side of the pants
- no knapsacks
- grenades on coat-flaps
- ammo puches with crossed cannon-barrels

- 1 with the hot bit that starts the shooting (really no clue what that stick is called in english!)
- 1 with stuffer (see image x.)
- 1 who covers the hole and sort of aims
- 1 with long wood bit They move to shuffle the gun around

One officer:
Exactley like the bloke in image nr. 2 just ours is standing straight and points at the enemy with his right while holding his sword hilt with the other. Please keep this cape-like coat in the wind. Covered-tshako and interims uniform under the coat like the 1st dude in this plate:

One Traineur:
Exactly like the right side bloke in image nr. 5. holding his saber-hilt in one hand smoking a pipe with the other. covered Tshako, no pompom.










Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Pauls Task - English Ranker - with classic hand gesture

Required is:
1 English ranker (center-coy) doing that gesture with the right hand. Musket in the left hand. Totally hateful expression in the face.
He should be standing as if part of a square.
I trust you're good with the british uniform incl. the Belgian shako.

Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

Pauls Task - Genie Specialists

1. Genie Capt. Bunch of Map-scrolls under the left arm, sword in the right hand.  Slightly bend forward as if dodging some possible bullet.

2. Genie Gabion Sappeur. Right Dude in the Picture, make him hold his Ake with 2 hands. Legs spread, slightly bend forward, ready to tackle a charging bull.

Freitag, 16. August 2013

Pauls Task - Musketeers Corrections

 Again the Officers were all pretty good.

I just mention things that would need to change from the current ranker masters.
You decide if it makes sense to reuse parts or to restart all together.
I need a total of 6 different masters that are like the other figs plus below feedback.
(preferably not the one that makes the huge step!).

-  Cantina should go to the Knap-sack.
-  We need a bread bag (right shoulder to left hip)

-  Coat needs to be loosely folded instead of rolled up.
-  there was no 'march-attack' with the Saxon army! 
   Below Austrians work as a perfect example:
- The Pompom was indeed an oval thing of awe.
- Pointy cuffs (only for rankers, not the officers)

I somehow knew that this would be a bit painful, but I think we're pretty much there.

Sonntag, 27. März 2011


Cover for our new casual shitle - enjoy the feast!